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01 – Why adults are the way they are

"To believe in the heroic makes heroes." —Benjamin Disraeli

These blog articles are based on my German book "Helden". It was nominated for: Best YA Non-fiction Indie-Book-Award 2012 Germany. The book was based on my creative writing workshops at schools in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and the book fairs in Frankfurt, Leipzig and Vienna. Meanwhile I moved to Canada, hence this English version.

HEROES can be read by anybody interested in writing YA fiction, but primarily by first time writers, possibly young writers. My goal was to write a book about writing a novel that needs no prior knowledge of literature. Everything is explained in here without references to other novels.

The thing is most young adult books are bought by adults. About 80 percent, I was told. They like best to give away books with a message they don’t dare tell you themselves. Sounds familiar? But at least you have people around you who still give away books. The glass is always half full. Everything depends on your approach and attitude.

If you intend to write, or even if you can only imagine writing a novel then this book is right for you. Actually, this book is right for you if you can see yourself in film, too, or theater, radio drama, computer game development …

I will have achieved my goal with this book if you have enjoyed reading it. That’s what is most important to me. I don’t like to waste time, not even the time of strangers. That has something to do with respect.

If you read this book to the end, I hope you will have learned a lot about writing, in a light and enjoyable way, and you will know if you are still interested in creative writing. Even if you find out that writing isn’t for you, you’ve won! At least you don’t have to hang on to a dream that you will later regret not having tried earlier.

During my research for Heroes, I found, to my surprise, many guidebooks for adults wanting to write novels for youth, but there was not a single one written for young adults themselves! I was like, what, there aren’t any non fiction books for those who are in that young stage of life and able to write full of energy, fantasy and craziness?!

You are only full of craziness? Fair enough.

That thought reminded me of my own youth, and my lower lip started quivering and I cried silently for my long gone years. Honestly, we adults only push you around because you have what money can’t buy: youth. To see you suffer makes aging more bearable.

Sorry, I drifted off. I hope I didn’t reveal too much of a secret.

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