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Black & White

The look. The feel.

Over the last weeks I also went on a lot a walks with my camera, to figure out the look of me documenting the process of writing. It soon became clear that black & white will be dominant—as that is the dominant shade in the novel—colour is too expensive in 2112.

“Where no streets have some names”

The grain in the pictures serves as noise tainting a brief memory, what these photos are that I’m taking. I also plan on working with the photos to incorporate some into the novel, as I did with my charcoal drawings here in the earlier posts. In my dream, I blend both worlds. Let’s see.

One thing that was clear from day one: I won’t dictate this novel. During my years as a full-time author, I used a speech recognition program and dictated this way 11 novels, all articles and every email over 3 sentences. Eventually the headset broke, it got an honorary place in my room.

Interesting choice for me is the use of cue cards, which until now I only used in my film projects. In screenplays I can sometimes jumble with the order of the scenes, here it is for a better overview. Down the road, they probably end up on another wall.

As it turns out, I manage to write about 2 pages a day. I am happy with that. It is my second language, and I have to work more carefully, and I reserved quite a few months for editing, because there will be a lot of word and sentence chiselling.

Thank you for your time, I hope you enjoyed the glimpse into my life.

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  1. Bev Muendel-Atherstone May 8, 2021

    Thank you Thorsten for sharing both your creative and pure slogging process of writing.

    • author May 8, 2021

      Writing and sharing is my pleasure – Thanks for stopping by & subscribing, Bev!

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