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Bukowski or how it started

Luck played this novel into my hands—a second time—this time due to the fact that Lethbridge isn't New York; where you won't find an unread & unyellowed pristine 1st edition copy of City Lights Books Charles Bukowski “Notes from a Dirty Old Man” in a 2nd hand store for $2.50 ...

So what does Charles Bukowski have to do with this novel, or me writing this novel? Well—everything.
I was a teenager, jaded by pretentious school literature and poetry, one day I opened one of his poetry collections in one of the 5 bookstores my hometown had (now down to 0 to 1) and bought it right away. Bukowski gave me the courage to write poetry myself, and I never stopped, and this novel with Jack Kerouac's “On the Road” paved the way of me becoming a novelist myself.

Now I sit on my 14th novel (the second in my 2nd language) at my desk and look meaningful out of the window, although there is really nothing to see there; just the light was perfect and I like to use my camera. And that is what I do half of the time, when I am writing: day dreaming, imagining the scene unfold that I am writing.

In doing so I try to envision the effects of the action and feelings for each of the participating characters to reach the most accurate psychological profile and render my fiction as believable as possible. During this process I change the perspective multiple times, to evaluate for each individual the possible impact of the current scene.

Since I plan each scene with maximum one sentence there are a lot of options for protagonists and actions. If one would enter this field I'd ask myself, what they would do? Where would my main character go first? Would he or she look into one of the buildings? Walk around them? Wait? Or leave altogether? I love that process, to be in the moment for the 1st time and the most important part of my writing.

Thank you for your time, I hope you enjoyed the glimpse into my life.
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