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Canadian Noir review

Hands down, this is the best anthology I ever read. And I read some. Why? Because not only the genre ties it together, It is perfect put together by the editors, their choice of stories, authors. Twenty-two in total, so that isn’t easy.

Each of them is worth a closer look – which I did. I can’t single anyone out. Only thing I can say: after limiting myself to finish one story a day I was looking forward already for the next short story the next day. I never read two a day, too much I like the good story to linger on, to digest it for the rest of the day, you know that feeling?

Surprising – and contrary to my path anthology experiences – not one let me down. Sure, you have personal favorites due to genre interpretation, language, style and protagonist but there wasn’t a single story failing on me, not even close.

I enjoyed Canadian Noir tremendously, and I do want to point out that I liked it so much not because it’s Canadian, no, but this Noir anthology belongs in the hands of everyone with a remote love for the genre – which is interpreted in this book from classical to apocalyptic/horror. You never know. That’s good. Very good.

Interested? Please go to your local bookstore - or online this way.

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