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Downtown Lethbridge

During writing I go further and further into detail. As you can see I moved from Southern Alberta to Downtown Lethbridge. On social media I got already comments there were still only the two bridges, while in fact the Whoop-Up is actually under water. But entire Lethbridge in 2021 is the merely the downtown core in the year 2112. I promise there are more bridges—just out of that frame.

I still go for walks and drives with my camera to let my mind focus on street photography or pictures I possibly use for the novel. For me this is kind of a reset, coming back to the desk with a fresh mind and perspective, new ideas emerge.

Research continues, here I allowed myself a little refresher regarding the functions of hormones and brain activity, moods etc., a central component of my novel.

My works space, beyond its functionality I have to feel good being there, since I spend a lot of time behind the keys. I like to surround myself with art by fellow artists and friends like Chris Bose (framed print of the salmon), Robert Bechtel's print for “Derailed” and also the matchbox on the loudspeaker with the 2021 poem by José F. A. Oliver. There are more I'll get to them later.

The armrest of my chair, there is almost nothing duct tape can't fix. I don't know how many novels my chair will last but this one for sure.

Thank you for your time, I hope you enjoyed the glimpse into my life.

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