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Listening to an Elder

I was thrown into this moment only with a gopro camera in my hand to record video at a gathering in a tipi in Lethbridge.

The story this man had to tell was amazing but I wasn’t prepared to record audio. As often the lack of one medium enhances the alertness for the other, and right when I saw this moment, the man in the middle listening so intently he literally stopped spooning up his stew (which was very tasty on the first autumn day 2017) to hear how the story of the man’s father and the buffalo went, I know I have a frame.

Never have worked from a gopro video still frame I used numerous filters but the image in context and the rope dangling like a gallows rounded this timeless picture in black & white.

These are only a few of my photo-poems. The constantly expanding collection you find on my Youtube channel. You can just watch them silently or with the sound on.

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