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I record 1 EP a month since January 2022. The EPs are available on Bandcamp and on all major streamers like Link to Spotify, Apple iTunes etc.

2022 “Only Strangers and Miles Davis” (EP July)

2022 “Don’t buy a Gun” (EP June)

2022 “Brothers for a While” (EP May)

2022 “Armed Robbery” (EP April)

2022 “The Moon” (EP March)

2022 “When You Drove Away” (EP February)

2022 “Death, Jail or Janitor” (EP January)

2021 “Welcome to Lethbridge” (Ukulele Album)

In “Cheers – 20 years 140 songs” you find all my lyrics (2000 to 2020) plus an anecdote to each song, some original handwritten first versions and a few artifacts. Here is the PDF file free to download: Cheers – 20 years 140 songs by Thorsten Nesch

2020 “Flirting with Disaster”
2019 “Nebraska Nights”
2015 “Molerhiisli Recordings II”
2015 “Molerhiisli Recordings I”
2014 “Lost Soul Lounge”
2014 “Spilling the Beans”
2013 “When Dust Settles”
2012 “Stool Pigeon Heart”
2011 “Pull My Finger”
2010 “License, Registration, Please”
2004 “Paris, Calgary” w/ The Randy Waldie Trio

Sounds to this experimental radio play from 2005 were recorded by me in Victoria, BC, words by me, music & mix Max Wuerden

1995 to 1998 in band Auricularis & Nesch (A&N), album “Live im Underground”, 1998.

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