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The Mayhemingways Skip Land

"If you listen to the same album 3 times in a row without a break you should let people know" I just thought - after starting making a soup because it is -20 with the windchill, putting the CD on and cracking a beer, then a 2nd and with the 3rd time listening accordingly a 3rd cold one.

So, now, a little later, after dinner, I sat down and confess: I missed the Mayhemingways over the last years each and every time they were playing The Owl here in Lethbridge, but about a month ago I finally saw them live. And if you're good I get the album - and listen to it - and if it is very good very often. That happened with Skip Land.

I just love their "fuzz-folk", their dance between singersongwriter, folk and altcountry influences with hints of cajun/zydeco. A song like Troubles In The Basement could be penned (and delivered) by Shane MacGowan and The Pogues at their best times, while Into The Ground reminds me musically of The Wallflowers - with better lyrics.

These are just examples and by no means can I single out any of these songs, I haven't skipped one, not once. That's an album. Should be an own art form: an album vs. "dropping a song" ... ah, I start rambling...

hear me, see them live, they are great performers, even with a "road condition", maybe enjoy their cover version of Springsteen's Atlantic City on top and get their albums! Their songs have a long ear life.

And here you can visit them and listen to Skip Land.

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