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90s Tour Poster

Yes, that up there is me, and this was my tour poster before I was a traditional published author, mid 1990s. I kept it open with just my last name, so I could use it for whatever program I was touring with. The poster is black & white, as is the original photo shot by a friend. In the 2000s I had a few left and used them to organize the first notes for this novel, this is how the flipside looks now:

Upper right corner reads "Leben" (English: "Life"), one of the poster sized collages about life in general in the year 2112. Obviously started in German. The blanc spots are spaces where notes were posted I already incorporated into the novel.
The other big sheets of paper I used were cut up 2nd hand wallpapers, I am not particular during my research phase, only information counts. I slowly work in more and more notes, and the wall is half empty by now. Since I needed the cork board for my 120 cue cards (pic in an earlier post) I relocated the 2112 Lethbridge map and stuck it to the wall.

This week I kept mauling over what I have so far. Parallel I am visiting places during my street photography sessions that make it into the novel. The following photo “The World is our Detour” is located on the main protagonist's way to work—but of course in 2112 it doesn't look anything like this:

Thanks for tuning in, I hope you like my weekly notes. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments.
Have a great week.

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