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“I Am You Am I” film script

The script “I Am You Am I” is based on my English novel traditionally published in Germany under “Verkehrt!” and read in language arts from Denmark to Italy. At my readings it happened that teens had to leave the class room because they couldn’t stop laughing. A catholic school asked me not to read certain chapters—of course I did anyway.

If you are a film production company looking for the funniest movie you can make you came to the right script.

This is the script I AM YOU AM I by Thorsten Nesch PDF

If you like to read the novel “I Am You Am I” it is published here.

And if you prefer audio books you can listen to “I Am You Am I” on Audible read and performed by American actor Kasi Hollowell here.

“drawing in”

is a 20 min. experimental video. It was exhibited at The Gallery of Casa in Lethbridge, Alberta. “drawing in” was projected inside the building (Digital Art Gallery) with sound and shown on the outside screen facing 3rd Avenue South.


the feature thriller was shot 2018 with a fantastic cast & crew is now in post production. We (Charlie Christensen & me as producer & director team) aim for 2023 to have it finished.

Behind the Scenes footage here on my Youtube Channel.

Complete list of cast & crew is on IMDB.

Below a pic of the all Albertan cast: Brent Clark, Daniel J. Perryman, Siobhan T. Cooney, Raeanne Boon, Griffin Cork, Austin Halarewich, Marguerite Lawler, Brianna Johnston, Emily Schoen.

#PartyTime – they came to party, they were left to die.


#PartyTime, the latest app that gets you all access to the best underground parties around the world. 8 strangers arrive at the latest installment of the best party on the planet, but something feels off. The party has been delayed. Free food and drink until the others arrive, but will they ever show up? For these 8 party-goers, this will be a night they will never forget.


is a feature film based on my novel “The Locomotive”. We shot it black & white in Lethbridge, Alberta, financed with a Kickstarter campaign. I was co-producer and director. The art house psychological horror film’s world premiere was in San Jose, CA, at the Worldcon76 at the largest convention center in the Sillicon Valley, 2018.

The film was also selected by the TRIFI Film Fest and will be screened in Washington.

Sisters of no mercy

On this feature documentary I worked as co-producer and editor. The ground breaking story about the sex slave trade between Africa and Europe won numerous awards and was aired in different formats on public TV in half a dozen countries.

Based on the existing audio a feature radio documentary was produced by us and the WDR called “DIE MADAMES”. It aired on WDR and DLR, both nation wide public radio. Writer: L. Roegler & T.Nesch

The $9.99 Haircut

is one of the many short films I was involved in – here as author, narrator and co-producer. Director was Sandi Somers. The film received a BravoFact grant and ran on heavy rotation on the New Style Arts Channel.

“Derailed”, feature film, Writer, Director, Producer: T.Nesch

Year long video project for the City of Lethbridge
Production of commercial and promotional videos and an election video

Founding board member of LIFS, the Lethbridge Independent Film Society

“Scarlet Glove”, super8 short, Dir: Ch.Christensen, Producer: T.Nesch
“Snake Alley”, super8 short, Dir: JP Marchant, Writer & Producer: T.Nesch – exhibited in “CINEscapes” at the Galt Museum, Lethbridge

Video trailer for ambient music CD album „Transit“ by Max Wuerden
Director, Camera, Producer: T.Nesch

„The drunk you is you“, music video for Kris Demeanor, Calgary, Alberta – director: Sandi Somers – screenwriter

„Kalte Karibik“, 86 min., Epix Film, Berlin
Director: W.Wolff – Co-Writer: T.Nesch
Distribution: DVD
Festivals in Germany (e.g. Hamburg)

„Joyride Ost“, Feature Roadmovie in pre-production, Erfttal Film, Berlin (currently halted)
Writer: T.Nesch (adaption of my novel)
Funding by Film & Medien NRW, Germany

„School Shooter“ treatment receives Special Mention by the Munster Film Festival Script Award

„Marspforten“, 60 min., Academy of Media Arts Cologne
Mentor/Director: Peter Bringmann – Scriptdoctor (extern): T.Nesch

„Virus Undead“, 92 min, Epix Film, Berlin
Director: W.Wolff – Scriptdoctor: T.Nesch
Distribution: DVD
Festivals: Shanghai International Film Festival, Fantasy Film Festival Berlin, Utopiales Film Festival Nantes, France, Fantasporto Film Festival, Portugal, Sitges International Film Festival, Spain

„Ware Frau“ 10 min. Book Trailer for Ecowin Verlag, Austria
Director: L.Roegler
Editor & Co-Producer: T.Nesch

„Sisters of No Mercy“ (German: Meine Hölle Europa) Documentary, 90 min.
Director: Lukas Roegler
Editor und Co-Producer: T.Nesch (and as Co-director of a 60 min. version financed by the European Union Commission)
TV: WDR, HR, EinsExtra, Phoenix, SWR, NDR, ORF (public TV Germany & Austria)
Festivals: USA, BRD, Brasilien, Italien, Nigeria, Lithuania (Inconvenient Human Rights Festival, Vilnius, Lithuania)
World Distribution: German United
– Goldener Gong for the director (German award for extraordinary achievements in TV)
– Audience Choice Award: Africa World Documentary Festival, Lagos, Nigeria
– New York Festivals Award: TV Broadcasting Medal, USA
– Silver Screen Award at the International Film Festival, Los Angeles, USA
– TV-Medienpreis der Kindernothilfe
– A38 Award at Documentary Festival Kassel, Germany

„Zweiter Frühling“, TV-Pilot, 43 min., Film Academy Baden-Württemberg
Director: Renate Gosiewski
Festivals: BRD, Poland, France
Scriptdoctor: T.Nesch

Director, Cameraman, Editor & Co-Producer of industry films until 2008

„Ludgers Fall“, 92 Min., Epix Film, Berlin
Director: Wolf Wolff – Co-Writer: T.Nesch
Distribution: DVD

Story development and writing treatments with directors and producers as writer for film production companies like Greensky-Films, Cologne until 2007.

„Ein Buch für die Stadt: Murakami“ 8 Min.
Director, Writer, Producer, Editor: T.Nesch
Funded by the Art Council of the Town of Leverkusen, Germany
Screened at festival

Cameraman at concerts and festivals like the With Full Force Festival, the Wave Gothic Festival, bands like Iron Maiden, Silbermond, Cantus Buranus/Corvus Corax – Live in Berlin (Distribution: DVD) until 2007.

Speaker, Actor & Editor of medical tutorial videos for the pharma industry, Distrbution: DVD, until 2006

„Urban Electronic Poetry“, 74 min.
Director, Writer, Actor, Author: T.Nesch
Distribution: DVD
Festivals: USA, BRD (Berlinale Open Market), Hungary

Start work as scriptdoctor & story consultant.

„From Alberta to Cannes“, Documentary, 62 min.
Director, Author, Camera: T.Nesch
West Raven Productions
Distribution as Making Of on DVD „Emile“ by Director: Carl Bessai starring Sir Ian McKellen

Jury member of the Victoria International Film Festival.
Boardmember of CineVic (Society for Independent Filmmakers, Victoria B.C.)

„The $9,99 Haircut“, 5 min., BravoFACT
Director: Nicole Mion & Sandi Somers – Producer, Author, Actor (Voice): T.Nesch
Award: New Style Arts Channel Award
Nomination: Best Short by the Albertain Motion Picture Industry
Festivals: USA and Canada
Screened at Bravo New Style Arts Channel

„3000 Miles Slower Than a Bullet“, 89 Min.
Director, Writer, Editor, Producer: T.Nesch
Shown at MediaNet, Videofilm Society Victoria, BC, Canada

„The German Socialist”, 7 Min.
Director, Writer, Producer, Editor, Actor: T.Nesch
Festival: Toronto Comedy Filmfestival (incl. Video-Interview)

Cameraman for Director/Producer Randy Waldie feature documentary about healing circles
Cameraman volunteer at ShawTV, Victoria, BC

„The Human Mule“, 63 Min. (super8, 16mm & video)
Director, Writer, Actor, Editor, Producer: T.Nesch
Festivals: Cuba, Canada, Brasil, Germany

First own shortfilms/videos as writer, director, producer, cameraman and editor
Volunteer as grip, gaffer, continuity and editor on several short films (also 16mm)
Member of CineVic (Society for Independent Filmmakers) and MediaNet (Videofilm Society) in Victoria, BC.

F i l m T r a i n i n g

Alan Rudolph (Master Class Victoria Independent Film Festival) 2003
Scott Smith (Workshop)
Michael Anderson (Master Class Victoria Independent Film Festival) 2002

Daniel Iron (Master Class Victoria Independent Film Festival) 2003
Elizabeth Yake (Master Class Victoria Independent Film Festival) 2002

Michael John Bateman (Master Class Victoria Independent Film Festival) 2003
Jack Morbin (Intensive Workshop focus on Hitchcock, MediaNet) 2002
Pamela Miller (Mentor) 2001

Self-Editing: Dr. Martin Hielscher (Bundes-Academy for Cultural Education) 2010 & 2012
Usch Luhn (Intensive Scriptwriting Workshop) 2010
Christoph Busch (Intensive Scriptwriting Workshop) 2009
Modern Storytelling: Oliver Hockenhull (Master Class Victoria Independent Film Festival) 2003
John Frizzell (Master Class Victoria Independent Film Festival) 2002
Bob Martin (Workshop)
Sherman Alexie (Workshop)

Production Design:
John Willett (Workshop, CineVic) 2002

David Simmons (CineVic) 2001

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