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Morphing approach

The holes in the notes on the wall are getting bigger. But as I work through the result of my 15 years of research, it becomes clear, that I won't be able to just plow through the different themes (like “Life”, “Culture”, “Technology”, “News” etc.), I will be forced to change my approach next week.

Around the “News” section you see blank spaces, where I already was able to use material in the novel and leave the posters empty. As the sheets of paper disappear from the wall, the pile with the used or discarded ideas grows on the floor underneath.

With the fact that about half of the notes will remain on the wall for many more months, I had to come up with a different solution for my cue cards indicating the chapters of the novel. Instead creating space on the wall, I pinned them on the cork board in a way I can read the main information: the headlines, page, time & characters.

My approach to this novel differs extremely from how I wrote the other 14 novels before this one, and not only that, my writing journey also changes during the process, on the go, from one week to the next. No routine lasts longer than two weeks, it seems. Again and again, I have to rethink technicalities, because the amount of world building, that surpasses anything I have done before.

If you are curious about non-mentioned aspects of writing this novel just post a question in the comments. I will answer there or in the next post.

Thank you for your time.

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