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Sometimes wonders happen – funny enough from all the years of my life, 2021 is that one. I am not kidding, it started with the unexpected Individiual Literary Project grant for this novel by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, and maybe they come in 3, like they say about breaking appliances, but fact is the 3rd just happened.

For over 2 years I was looking for an affordable room/studio/younameit where I can be (the sentece could end here) or: be away from the everyday life, to pursue my writing (and other artistic activities as you probably know by now) in peace, in a quiet of maximum a few muted foreign voices (instead the familiar ones at home) without being in a cafe house setting, with tons of people around me, where I am able to write a poem but nothing else.

Since last week I share a studio place with two musicians, and our time share jives ridiculously well; nobody is interfering with anybody's quality time. A music studio – for writing? Yes, big enough it fits my little folding table and a $35 2nd hand office chair (not in pic yet) – all I need.

But the studio comes with benefits: it is a music studio – it even has a professional manufactured speaker cabin! When I am done writing or editing this novel, I can scream my frustration into the ether without disturbing or worrying anybody.

Or: I can work on my music, my voice, I can plan the podcast for The Time Traveller (side character in the novel) for next year, or possibly a stage show mixing all of it, I don't know – artistic freedom! When I enter the staircase I breathe slower and my pulse slows down, that's how that feels for me: physically entering the zone.

Thank you for your time!

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  1. Bev Muendel-Atherstone September 19, 2021

    Your shared creative space sounds ideal! I’m so very happy for you. Yes sometimes the planets align. I saw five planets align in the spring of 1982 as I was flying back and forth between Lethbridge and Edmonton where I was doing my PhD at the U of Alberta.
    Tge planets were stretched across the sky in an arc at sunrise. It will not happen again for ages.

    I completed my PhD some years later. What a powerful omen.


    • author September 20, 2021 — Post author

      Bev, what luck with the aligned stars – literally! And you saw them. How many didn’t or couldn’t?! It is one thing when luck happens, and another to actually see and appreciate it when it happens. Lucky you!

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