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Bad writing

Why do I put down a novel instead of reading it to the end? I was 66 pages into this one ...

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  1. Bev October 10, 2021

    Thanks Thorsten, OOC. I love that analysis.

    We are more than 600 pages into the 700 page tome “Ein Kampf um Rom” and it is so we’ll written. The author introduces us to each character so carefully. The reader gets the feel of his/her personality right away from the clothes to the visage. The “Schwärze Tehe” is always negative. Tortilla, the blond sunny young king, is heroic kind and giving. Even though this historical novel was written about 150 years ago the chapters have modern day problems, vices and virtues. This book has survived the sands of time. Bev

    • author October 21, 2021 — Post author

      Hi Bev, the sign of great writing is to withstand time – as a matter of fact that counts for all art. A historical novel now written way back in history itself, I can’t imagine the workload of the author. I once just went 90 years back, for a novella, and that presented its own research challenges even nowadays; when I go historical I strive for accuracy (in the realm of my fiction). You have 100 pages to go, have fun in Rome!

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